Thursday, February 03, 2011

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You have found the Osterhout Free Library, but this blog is no longer active.
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Anonymous said...

Greetings, a suggestion that you post clearly on your website by what time circulation materials should be checked out. Knowing that the library closes at 5:00 does not help, if by some minutes before 5:00 materials must be requested.
I also recommend that circulation librarians make the the policies clear to patrons, with more than a brusque "hurry up" when asked if a DVD could be gotten from the shelf.
I am a patron who arrived at the circulation desk at 10 minutes before closing time to ask about DVDs that I had placed on hold. I am sorry to say that I was provided with little help beyond a clear attempt to brush me off until I returned with 2 DVD cases five minutes later and told I was too late and that the librarian had announced 3 times that "the DVD case was locked." The librarian suggested I could come back on Monday.
Why would I want to come back on Monday if the error was on the side of the librarian, who might have told me when I first queried that in five minutes the iron bars of the DVD disk filing cabinet would come close and no one would be permitted entry after that?